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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   72
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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img 10-01-2010

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Crisp winter day. Middle of Nevada. Returning from Utah to Oregon for about 16th time where building new home was absorbing attention. Driving miles extremely boring. Decided to take circuitous route across Nevada desert then north to Oregon. One long, particularly steep stretch of highway found vista of barren hills far into distance. Almost no cars for miles. Trusty Safari van droned downward doing about 70. Sleepy mind blank, eyes glazed over, plowing desert air. In a blink, ground literally shook, vibrated with sound filling van with incredulous terror. Van physically shuddered. Gripped the wheel. From behind and no more than 20 feet above me, F-16 Falcon exploded into view precisely over me, went vertical in banking power climb which shot him thrusting heavenward and out of view in an instant. Knew what happened, clear to me. Good ol’ GMC Safari, moving as a snail on sand to one hotshot fighter pilot became “target of opportunity.” No doubt in my mind van had been centered in pipper of his cockpit Heads Up Display for fleeting time it took to touch off imaginary burst from Vulcan cannons. Had it been Iraqi desert during Gulf War, my vehicle would have been little more than charred tatters of twisted steel. Not much left inside for flies to enjoy for lunch. I’d been had and it was AWESOME! I whistled, waved and clapped for him to DO ME AGAIN. Man, was I awake after that! Give me the SOUNDS OF FREEDOM. I’ll listen...and be glad.
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