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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   72
State :   Utah
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Shattered peace...thank you!
sub-category : Jet Planes
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Sitting quiet on rimrock overlooking desert canyon. Edge of Steens’ Indian Gorge in Oregon…vast volcanic gash in earth…deep, mysterious. Only sounds from gentle winds brushing jagged boulders and cluck of chukar partridges racketing rock walled ravines. Nature’s cathedral, solitude, temple of creation itself, presenting ramparts for meditation. I stood, pondering God’s handiwork, when far off vibration seemed to make air jitter, come alive. Couldn’t identify sound or source, but rose in clarity as onrushing great flash flood. Mere seconds passed when entire gorge engulfed in bombardment of thunder, rising to crescendo of deafening proportions. Eyes deep below me in awe over what it could be. Noise a tumult to ears, completely out of character with surroundings. Whole world seemed to shatter in shrieking waves of banshee-like proportions as F-102 fighter darted around edge of giant cliff, banked sharply, lifted nose, and shot up and over edge of chasm exactly in front of me. So close I actually looked eye to eye at helmeted pilot who saw me for fleeting instant in that contradiction of two worlds. With glints of sunlight flickering from tapered wings and tail, the man from unknown base, trained in arts of aerial warfare, rode his metallic steed away as quickly as had come. Left lifetime impression. Some would be offended by that tool of man’s violence. Not me! I gave thanks such machines existed, piloted by skillful, courageous men willing to risk lives rocketing the clouds and canyons at blinding, terrifying speeds. They help keep nation free and do it well. That freedom allows me to enjoy beauty of America. Loved it.
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