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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   72
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My Tiger T-18 Experimental...Part 2...End.
sub-category : Prop Planes
img 09-24-2010

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  My T-18 consumed almost all of my spare time in early marriage. The garage was my hanger and there were homebuilt parts from one end of the house to the other. My sweetheart was incredibly patient and put up with ailerons under the bed, instruments in drawers, canopies in the closet, wings and stabilizers in the spare bedroom, engine parts stacked around like cord wood and parking the car outdoors so the tools and workbench could take up the entire garage. Every piece of sheet metal, every hole and rivet, and every part was sheared, formed, punched and installed by yours truly. Our weekend vacations were spent at airshows and scrounging around the Boeing scrap yards in Seattle looking for "good stuff." She sewed my seats and helped with other little projects like cleaning up after me. What a gal. My engine was a 125 horsepower Lycoming from a nearly new but surplus ground power unit. I got it for $200.00 and a new one today would cost over 100 times that amount. The local newspaper in Salem, Oregon caught wind of it and I made the front page diddling around with that engine. That picture is shown here. Camille is also pictured with a friend’s T-18 that he let us each fly…SWEEEEET airplane. It is still a popular airplane today and plans are actually available although John Thorp passed away years ago. What a talent. ...End.  
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