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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   72
State :   Utah
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Goose Control Tower
sub-category : Prop Planes
img 09-16-2010

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Across the road from our 45 acre farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon was a private dirt airstrip.  A neighbor buddy built it and let me land there.  My passion at the time was a classic 1946 Ercoupe 415C that I tinkered with beyond reason.  Sheesh.  It once spent nearly two years in my barn putting up with mice and my cartoon camouflage paint job.  It was sorely missed out at the Independence State Airport and didn’t get any hours on it during that time.  Ah, but I mistake!  My darlin’ daughter, Dacia, loved to saddle the little Combat Coupe up and ride it wistfully in her BIG open cockpit among the clouds.  I kept current by cinching on my leather flying helmet, donning my phones, and directing Canadian goose traffic into and out of our private water skiing lake.  It was mayhem but we never once had a crash.
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