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Unrecorded history – P51 Air Force…Part 1
sub-category : Prop Planes
img 09-22-2010

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Incredible history of the North America P51 Mustang has been written about for over 60 years.  One of the most popular and mythical aircraft of all time.  A true story I do not believe ever been recorded needs sharing before lost.  I heard it personally from lips of the man who lived it.  He will not record it for some unknown reason.  Any errors in detail are my memory’s fault, not his.  Let’s call him Smith.  Smith was too young to fly in WWII.  Lived on farm in Canada not far from military airstrip.  Fascinated by low flying aircraft, he determined to fly.  Bought an old tail dragger plane as young teenager unbeknown to parents.  Owner landed as instructed on remote field on farm.  Smith took him home, returned to plane, climbed in, and took off with absolutely no flight training.  Lived through it.  Became lifelong and natural pilot.  Believe last plane he owned was twin engine Aero Commander.  Very successful and millionaire businessman with colorful history including oil business in various places of the world.  At 19 he was flying in Canada and spotted apparently abandoned, remote and small airfield with curious rows of aircraft lined up near runway…early 1950’s.  Landed and discovered 50 P51D Mustangs, like brand new, perfectly airworthy with minimal effort, fully armed with six .50 BMG guns each, weatherized, and just as flown fresh from factory at end of World War II.  Tach readings of 5 hours or less.  ...cont. Part 2.
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